Voice Actor

I love narration


I love to add a sparkle to narration.

Give me a story.

Give me history.

Give me nature.

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I will find your voice


Is it funny, uplifting, or just straight to the point. I can voice the feeling for you.

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Call me at 385-335-2678

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Commercial for Kal Medical Supplies

This commercial is for Kal Medical Supply in Salt Lake City. It began airing in Salt Lake City in fall of 2019. It is still airing in 2020.

Nan Weber's Voice Over Commercial Demo

Here's a collection of clips for various products.

Martha Hughes Cannon at the Utah State Capitol

I wrote and recorded this two and a half minute piece to compliment the animation shown at the Utah State Capitol Visitor Center in Salt Lake City.

The Fisher Brewery and Mansion

I created this short history to honor the Albert and Alma Fisher Family and the Fisher Brewery they owned in Salt Lake City

Celebrate 100 Years of Brown Floral in Salt Lake City

Brown Floral was an intricate part of the neighborhood of Poplar Grove in Salt Lake City. I created this history to honor the past contributions to Poplar Grove.