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Seamstress 36


Nan Weber
Performer, Videographer, Documenter
As an actress I am represented by Anderson Talent.

Nan Weber

There are many events in December 2017.
One is a reading at Weller Book Works in Trolly Square in Salt Lake City.
Plan to join us on Monday, December 4, 2017 from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm
of Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize winning play "Sweat,"
for the ". . . tough yet empathetic portrait of the America that came undone."



A Film by Ed Midgley

Two Old Guys

 Trailer  for a film by Paul and Patrick Gibbs--The Book Club

Women's History Interpretation
  I am passionate about Women's history!

When I was an undergraduate in the Theatre Department at the University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee. I wanted to perform women's first person roles.  I started searching for material written by, or specifically for, women that would lend itself to theatrical production.

In my search I found, at that time, little that had been published. I began to acquire, for myself, bits and pieces from all sorts of unpublished writings, diaries, journals and oral histories.  I was elated!  I had discovered some great resources of women's fantastic writing. To me these women's themes—family, the work ethic, home as a springboard of life—needed to be expressed.

That's why I love to show women who are not represented in contemporary theatre—women who are true adventurers.  All I need to do is find their own words and then make the real history into a theatrical performance.

It's extremely gratifying to help a woman tell her own story—to use her own words and mold them into a production that encompasses women's real life!

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee BFA Fine Arts–Theatre–1976
Institute for Professional Actor Training Minneapolis MN–1977
Salt Lake Community College AS Interpreter Training Program–1997

Theatrical Work:
Understudy—Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Circle of the Witch Feminist Theatre—Collective Member , Minneapolis, Minnesota
No-Name Players—Artistic Director, Producer, Actor:
1982 Murray Schisgal’s Luv—Director and Producer
1982 James Prideaux’s Lemonade—Actor and Producer

Nan Weber as Edith Northrup in Lemonade by James Prideaux


Cathy Van Dyke as Mabel Lamston and Nan Weber as Edith Northurp

1982 Robert Anderson’s I Never Sang for My Father—Director and Producer
1983 Wendy Wasserstein’s Uncommon Women and Others—Director and Producer
1984 Arthur Miller’s The Crucible—Director and Producer
1984 August Strindberg’s The Stronger—Director and Producer
1984 James McLure’s Lone Star—Producer
1984 Don Robertson’s Amazing Grace—Producer
1984 James L Rosenberg’s The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch—Director and Producer
1985 Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children—Actor and Producer
1985 Thomas Babe’s Salt Lake City Skyline—Director and Producer
1985 Robert E. Lee’s Inherit the Wind—Producer
1986 Ted Hughes’ Crow—Producer
1986 Robert Patrick’s One Person and The Haunted Host—Producer
1986 William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker—Director and Producer, Interpreted in ASL

1986 to the present:
Paul Zindle’s The Effect of Gamma Rays on The-Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds—Director and Producer

Cast and Crew of the1986 production of The Effect of Gamma Rays on The Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
Back row: Georgia Weber, Nan Weber, Paul Boruff, Janice Ray, Tonia Schmidt
Front row: Alyssa Naumann, Donna Todd, Thomas Braun, Honey Bunny, Heather Horman

Man in the Moon Marigolds
Marigold Revue

Ugo Betti’s Crime on Goat Island—Actor, Director and Producer

Crime on Goat Island

Long Road, Free Wind by Nan Weber and Donna Todd—Actor and Producer
Sung and Unsung Women of the West by Nan Weber—Actor and Producer, Shadow Interpreted in ASL
Mattie Culver, A Woman’s Journey by Nan Weber; video as a set element—Actor and Producer
Lively Times with Elinore by Nan Weber; video as a set element—Actor and Producer
Magdalena, A Kilborne Road Belle by Nan Weber; video as a set element—Actor and Producer

Where Were You?—Babcock Reader's Theatre, Salt Lake City—Actor
Mélange—Rebeca Dawn's Experience the Trees—Salty Cricket Collective, Salt Lake City—Actor
Cherie Bennett's Searching for David's Heart—Shalom Theatre of Salt Lake City—Actor
Alice Childress'  Wedding Band  People’s Productions—Actor
Susan Sandler's Crossing Delancey
—Covey Center for the Arts, Provo, Utah—Actor


Video Work—Artistic and Documentary:
1988 Hot Winds of August—Osprey Productions
1989 Wonderland’s Lament—Osprey Producation, Honorable Mention in the New York International Film and Video Festival,
1990 Barrie Stavis’ The Man Who Never Died—Nan Weber Production
1990 Joe Hill’s Candlelight Vigil—Osprey Productions
1991 Steam Train—Osprey Productions
1991 Trails West—Osprey Productions
1992 Big Sky Interviews—Nan Weber Production
1993 Jump Rope—Osprey Productions, Honorable Mention in the Utah Short Film and Video Festival
1994 Scottish Festival—Nan Weber Production
1995 OTO Dude Ranch—Nan Weber Production
1996 Caryl Churchhill’s Vinegar Tom—University of Utah/Richard Scharine
1998 Jeff Hengesbaugh’s Dress and Equipage of the Mountain Men
1999 Trappers—Paul Boruff Music Video Osprey Productions
2000 Full Circle—A Celebration of the Turn of the Century, Osprey Productions
2001 Rita Dove’s The Darker Face of the Earth—People Productions
2001 Lonne Elder III's Ceremonies in Dark Old Men—People Productions
2002 Feeling Free—Paul Boruff Music Video Osprey Productions
2003 Samm-Art Williams' Home—People Productions
2004 August Wilson's Jitney—People Productions
2005 All the Pretty Little Horses—Paul Boruff Music Video Osprey Productions,
2006 Richard Wesley's The Mighty Gents—People Productions
2005 A Banda using the recording of A Banda by Astrud Gilberto—Nan Weber Production
2007 Lynn Nottage's Intimate Apparel—People Productions
2008 Pieces of Life based on the poem Housing Shortage by Naomi Replansky—Nan Weber Production
2008 Suzan-Lori Parks' Topdog/ Underdog—People Productions
2008 Pearl Cleage's Flyin' West—People Productions
2009 Paul Boruff's concert An Evening of Eclectic Music—Nan Weber Production
2011 Book Trailer for Mattie, A Woman's Journey West—Nan Weber Production
2012 Book Trailer for Singing in the Saddle, The Life and Times of Yellowstone Chip —Nan Weber Production


2011 Lynn Nottage's Ruined—People Productions
2013 David Mamet's Race—People Productions
2014 Melanie Marnich's
These Shining Lives—People Productions
2016 George Brant's Grounded—People Productions

Production                                                     Role                                                  Producers and Directors
Speed Dating                                Mrs. Sterk                                   
Aquabats Super Show
                              City Person                                    Hub TV/Christian Jacobs
Point B                                                          Della Whitney                              Conor Long

Point B

Mundane Margery                                   
Margery                                          Conor Long

Mundane Marjory

The Book Club
                                            Karen                                               Paul and Patrick Gibbs

The Book Club Gibbs

For Robbing the Dead                           Friend of Mrs. Carpenter         Firstlight Independent/Thomas Russell
A Short Film About Kissing                 Ma                                                     Jeremy Ungar
Osso Buco Scripts                                Mindy                                         Sundance Directors Lab/J.Wysocki
Inspector 42                                         
Seamstress 36                           Lyvia A. Martinez/Nathan Daniel Lee
Shockheaded Peter
                              Janet                                          Sundance Directors Lab/Frank Budgen
Diantha’s Crossing                              Friend of Diantha's Aunt        Thomas Russell

Snowglobe                                            Judith Tanner                            Leif Parson
Gravity Matters                                   Joan                                             Willa Bundy

Special Interest:

From 1992 until 2006 I taught various Elderhostel classes. Historical in nature, I combined performance, video and travel to teach the material. This included women’s history, Montana history and the Lewis and Clark journals.
In addition to my scripts I have two published books—Mattie, A Woman’s Journey West and Singing in the Saddle: The Life and Times of Yellowstone Chip
Current Work:
I am working on a biography about Richard Kletting, a Salt Lake City, Utah architect.

Richard Kletting

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